Aldra is the largest island in Lurøy municipality with its 24 km2.

An area at Aldra is relevant for lime mining (defined in the overall plan as raw material extraction). With an actor in place, a detailed zoning plan will be developed.

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Area size

24 m²

Area for white limestone – marble (raw material extraction).

Mineral report

Area properties

The landowners at Aldra are positive about plans to extract the marble and has entered into a separate agreement that clarifies the distribution key between them.
Area type
An average analysis of samples of white marble taken on the surface, which may be slightly affected by weathering shows: Unsolved: about 1% Fe2O3: < 0.5% Al2O3: < 0.1% (often down to 0.01%) CaO: 52-54%, MgO: <1%
Location/building for sale or rent
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Access to expertise
High competence on marine-related industries, in the area.
The marble layer which is a potential resource is unusually coarse-grained. It is white and with grains of calcareous spar of up to 1 cm, usually ½ cm, and visually has none or a very small one proportion of other minerals, only around 1%. It is identified very small grains of graphite, quartz and light mica (muscovite) in the marble between the large grains of lime spar. Compared to others marble deposits in Nordland the marble is very little contaminated by other minerals.