Interested in a site with direct access to the coast?
This is an unique location, with close access to sea and ferry connections. It is also possible to establish a deepwater port at the site.

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Power capacity

6 MW

Area size

103,000 m²

Distance to airport

80 km

Stokkvågodden is located in Stokkvågen, in Lurøy municipality. The area is located on the mainland, west of the city Mo i Rana and north of the city Sandnessjøen.

Area properties

Stokkvågen Utvikling AS
Area type
The area is suitable for industry/ costal-related businesses. Zoning plan is initiated by the owner, and is estimated to be completed Q3 2023.
Location/building for sale or rent
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General infrastructure
An area of 200 daa is available for business purposes, of which approx. 100 daa is land area. In the zoning plan it is described a deepwater dock along the northern side of the area, where the rock wall goes straight down to a sea-dept between 25-30 meteres. Also, the ground conditions allow for an area increase by between 20-40 m2, by filling out the bays nearby (Jektviktøya). There will be surplus masses from the area to make such landfills. The nearby port of Stokkvågen, is today a important traffic junction for the region. It supports a ferry dock for the three local ferrys, where tons of salmon and other cargo gets shipped through every day. The port also serves travellers and cargo coming by boat, trucks and buses.
Surrounding business
Three fish farming companies have both head office and production premises in the municipality; Nova Sea and Lovundlaks on Lovund, and Kvarøy Fiskeoppdrett on Kvarøy. The local aquaculture activity contributes to great value creation.
Access to expertise
High competence on marine-related industries, in the area.


Access to fiber/wifi
Access to newly installed fiber.
Water capacity
The municipality have taken action and committed to support the future industrial area with water as needed.
Power capacity
Simulations on the power-grid shows the possibility for a power outage of approximately 6 MW. There is also an opportunity to upgrade parts of the local grid for a low cost, which will increase the outage by 1-2 MW. Further, by establishing a new cable to the transformer in Øresvik, the power outtake can be increased if needed.


Nearest airport is in Mo i Rana, about 80 km from the site
Freight terminal
Vika, Mo i Rana ca. 70 km
It will be possible for larger skips, more than 7,000 tonnes deadweight, to make entry. The plot is located by the main route for ship traffic, and there are very good entry conditions via the Åsværfjord, from the outer slope to the inner slope. In connections to the area there are possibilities to develop a new harbour, as well as deep water quay.