Rana Industrial Terminal

The site is located at Rana Industrial Terminal, and owned by Mo Industrial Park. It is regulated for industry / storage, and is close to the sea and existing quay facilities.

Site currently not available.

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Power capacity

100 MW

Area size

135,000 m²

Distance to airport

14 km

This area is situated in Mo i Rana, with close access to railway, highway (E6), excellent quay facilities and a planned deepwater port.

The area is connected to Mo Industrial Park, an industrial park with long traditions and expertise on power-, mineral- and process industry.

Area properties

Mo Industripark AS
Area type
Location/building for sale or rent
The plot is prepared with an approx. 2m thick reinforcement layer of stone and slag masses. About half of the area is paved.


General infrastructure
Close access to drainage network for sanitary purposes and surface water. Also close access to district heating.
Surrounding business
Within Mo Industrial Park, there are a total of approx. 100 companies with activities within the process industry, mechanical industry, transport services, laboratory services, consulting services, etc.
Access to expertise
Mo i Rana has long traditions from the power, mineral and process industries. A large number of supplier companies have been built up that provide services to industry and other businesses.


Access to fiber/wifi
Close access to fiber. Efforts are being made to give Mo i Rana a high priority when the 5G network is built
Water capacity
Cooling / process water can be obtained from the sea, or by establishing a pipeline from the process water network in the industrial park. Close access to drinking water supply.
Power capacity
ca. 5MW. By establishing new cable connections and a new transformer station, the capacity can be increased to approx. 100MW.
Renewable share


16 km
Freight terminal
3 km
On site