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The market for salmon is expanding, and the land-based fish farming is a vital part of the solution. Customers demand for healthy and sustainable salmon products is growing in all over the world. Since there is a limited possibility for the sea-based farming to meet the demands, there are expectations for large investments in land-based fish farming in the coming years.

Arctic Seafarm is a Norwegian company that plan to establish land-based salmon and trout farms.

Arctic Seafarm Holding has worked with a new flow-through technology for land-based salmon in several years. They have now entered a strategic cooperation with Kvarøy Fiskeoppdrett to realize the concept. Kvarøy is a shareholder in Arctic Seafarm Holding, with an ambition to establish several land-based fish farming facilities in Norway. Together they have developed a sustainable module-based salmon farming concept and focuses on good fish health and circular economic principles. In spring 2020, a licence and an operating license for farming of up to 15,000 tonnes of salmon annually, was granted by Nordland County Council.

The first facility will be built at Langsetvågen, in Nesna (Arctic Seafarm Langset AS), a 60 acres area which will be leased from Nesna Industrial Park. The place is excellent located with good depth, water replacement and high waterflow. The planned facility is a flow-through system (FTS), where water will be fetched from approx. 80 meters deep, a depth that is far below the lice belt. The FTS facility will always ensure flow of natural, fresh water.

Circular economic principles, environment, sustainability and fish health are focus areas in the development of the concept.

The flow-through systems have a well-developed rinsing and waste management system, which ensures that no microplastics flow into the cages. In addition, there will be technology for handling excrements and dead fish, to reuse it as feed in algae production and and for the production of biogas.

Farmed fish from land can reduce the carbon footprint, and the flow-through technology is climate friendly in the way that there are no local emissions to the sea.  

Total investments are approx. NOK 1 billion, with planned start of construction in September 2021. First test release is planned in December 2022. The goal is a total annual production of 30 000 tons of salmon.

Arctic Seafarm Holding and Kvarøy Fiskeoppdrett invites investors to be a part of the journey.

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